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Come ahead and join US as we take you through this exciting week of UI design and development! We will be taking you through the entire process of building an app right from the core principles of designing an app to coding it into a functional application you can use in the real world. With webinars aimed at taking you through the fundamentals, you can mark your start at making your ideas into real-life applications. After the webinars, there will be an intensely competitive yet beginner-friendly set of events aimed at testing out what you learn in the community. 

Webinars to get you started

We will be organizing a couple of webinars for you to get you started on UI designing with Figma and native android App development using Java. This should help you understand the fundamentals of mobile app design and development and set your track on the right path. The schedule of the webinars will be out shortly.

Prototype your idea

The first stage will be a design challenge where you will be expected to make the design and prototype your idea into reality by making beautiful and aesthetic designs. Nowadays every tech company is pushing forward to make their apps the most crowd-pleasing in the market. Every great app starts with great design. Don't worry if you have absolutely no idea about how to get started, the webinars will definitely get you started on how all of this shall work.

Coding your idea into reality

The next stage will engage you in making your design a real-world mobile application. Code your app into existence using the language of your choice, let it be Java, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, or React native.


About Us

This event is organized by a collaboration of techwarts and onCreate().

techwarts is a technical club of PES University Electronic city campus, Bangalore. Techwarts promotes technical innovation in the student community by organizing various events and competitions throughout the year. We consist of multiple clubs such as Pixel(AR/VR club), We the Programmers(Competitive coding club), Predict This(the machine learning club) and Zero Day(The cybersecurity club) of the campus.

onCreate() is the mobile and cloud focussed developers club of PES University that aimed at promoting app development among students. 


Must be enrolled in a UG program. 


IMPORTANT: Make sure you and your team have registered at this website.

The Hack consists of two stages.

Stage one requires you to design your unique idea into a beautiful and aesthetic prototype using framer, figma,sketch or adobe XD.

To make your submission for stage one, a public github repository link with your .fig, .xd, .sketch or the source file to your prototype/design. A 50-100 line description about your UI is expected, talking about the details of your approach to the design, the features you've included etc.

Stage two requires you to convert your design into code. The submission expects you to provide a public github repository link with all your source code. A video link showcasing the working of your application has to be included in the readme of your repository.


  • You should submit a single repository containing both UI design files and your application source code, but should be structured properly.
  • Make sure your readMe.md is well drafted and explains your project structure and description properly. 

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Best UI Design

Best App Developed

Best Overall

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Lavish Motani

Lavish Motani
Senior Product Designer at Edelweiss Financial Services

Raj Dedania

Raj Dedania
Founder of the Design & Code community and a Product Designer

Judging Criteria

  • UI - Navigation Intuitiveness
  • UI - Content
  • UI - Organization (Design structure)
  • UI - Creativity
  • App - Implementation from design to code
  • App - How well components are organised
  • App - Scalability of the implementation
  • App - Completion of the design

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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